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TeZCom provides full strategy of digital marketing for the present product/services of company: SEO, website design, PPC, Social media, email marketing, instant chat services, analytics & tracking, video marketing and branding.

Keyword Strategy

At Tezcom our digital team, searches for terms and phrases used by users when searching for your products and services. These keywords are utilized for hashtags, which leads to more reach, and engagements to your business updates. It also generates traffic on your digital pages.Keyword strategy is the foundation of any successful digital marketing strategy. These long tail keywords and short tail keywords are then categorized into priorities and measures for a clear priority direction. With this framework, we can create a clear action plan, targeting specific key phrases that are achievable and increase power, ranking traffic, reach and long term organic connection with your audience. Keyword strategies are most effective when combined with a search insights reports and listed on google.


At Tezcom, our team thoroughly works on your business, we demonstrate target audience and a clear action plan. In addition, we target those groups which are relevant and finds your business, product and services a need for their particular desire. Users will find your business via campaigns limited and nearby your area, as per large scale, small scale and for medium size business requirements. Moreover, your business will be portrayed in a certain way and with attractive campaigns that the user will definitely contact you. These users will reach out to you by following this road path and that path is known as conversions. Also, by analyzing this traffic, our community managers will make a report of all the conversions with user’s details and will email to the concern person to convert it into sales.


Tezcom reviews the various competitors of your brand, as well as the recognized competitors and the digital competitors we meet. From there, you will gain insights into these competitors digital strengths and weaknesses in terms of technical integrity, content development, engagement, and conversion optimization. These elements serves as a guide and a clear action plan through which we create a dynamic and attractive strategy for your business.


Our digital experts accurately measures the success of your campaign, your website must be able to track and measure user actions that are considered important goals or conversions for your business. Depending on your brand's overall goals and industry, Tezcom recommends implementing a conversion tracking suite that measures not only the success but also the conversion path of your brand's audience.


Tezcom reviews the front and back features of your site for search. Analytical frontend points include navigation, XML sitemaps, robots.txt files, structured data and more. Backend analysis determines future optimization features such as landing page completion, content creation and execution, and page optimization. All technical differences during the partnership will be reflected in the detailed action plan.


Understanding social media as a digitalized marketing channel is important to understanding the position and competition of your customers. Through social channels you can target all your audiences in no time. Our SWOT report not only identifies your current social media strategy, but also the strengths and weaknesses of your two competitors. Then we determine your immediate chances of winning online and run a split test ad campaign to demonstrate those ideas. At the same time, we provide a foundation for how your content and competitive strategy may be compromised or threatened by every action or social channel.


The paid search analysis mainly focuses on how much return you want from your monthly investment. We'll review your existing paid account to review its general health, identify areas for optimization, and identify the current areas of growth for the account. Additionally, our keyword research allows us to identify the keyword categories that Tezcom is targeting in order to maximize the success of your account. Using this keyword data, we can estimate how many impressions, clicks, leads and conversions you should expect and how high your overall ROI is per month. If we know your goals and expectations, we can work out a specific monthly budget for paid search engine marketing for your company and your expectations for this amount.