Logistics ERP

"TeZCom Software is one stop solution for all your logistics business processes."

TeZCom Logistics ERP

TezCom is a cloud-based ERP solution that primarily includes features related to the logistics business process. It includes a number of modules that facilitate the automation of complex logistics business processes. In addition to all automation, this ERP provides multiple user management functionality with the claims assigned to each user through its “User Management” module. ERP provides features to effectively manage all of the company’s financing, purchasing, sales, exports and production.We have designed dashboard to give users an overview of all ongoing work, including jobs, trips, profit and loss summaries, and ongoing business with customers. All the key metrics in the app are in the dashboard. In the exit window we can register any problem or issue in any of our vehicles. Track important or minor issues and notify you if an urgent appointment is needed. Minor issues related to scheduled maintenance during vehicle maintenance.

User management

User management module includes various features like creation of users and roles, along with assigning. Using access to multiple integrated applications and their specific modules, the same goes for allocating privileges to Roles. Further, Data Privileges Feature allows access to user to multiple companies and their relevant branches.


Finance module comprehensively covers all the aspects of accounting. Major features include company creation, Chart of accounts, Fiscal period, Vouchers, Bank Reconciliation, Accounts Configuration, Business Partners, Invoicing, Billing and Banking. It also possess customized reports, work flow and approved protocols.


This module keeps track of vehicle fuels to ensure transparency and registered vendors. Fueling entries are attached with fueling receipts for record.


In our system we can create maintenance of several types including periodic maintenance which are like regular checkup of the vehicle to make sure that the vehicle is in good shape. Other than periodic maintenance, we can also create maintenance for issue fixation in which all the opened issues of a vehicle are fixed.


Incident management refers to the process that enables the end-user to report identified / experienced problems. This allows the analysis of these problems so that the support team can address these types of problems and take corrective and/or preventive measures for business continuity. In this way, incident management can restore confidence in new ERP systems so that the business operates as usual, especially during the post-implementation period.


ERP is a specialized web-based fleet management system that authorizes your fleet for transportation and fleet management. This is an end-to-end integration of the required modules for fleet owners and operators, giving them virtual visibility and security in real time through mobile resources. This system enables vehicles to be tracked in real time and the location of the vehicle can be identified on a map. Also get real time data feed on performance of vehicle components, driving patterns and cargo space parameters

Asset Management

To enable Defense Agencies to maximize logistics availability for strategic missions. That system serves as a ready resource for fleet management history, fuel consumption, and driver details. Auto insurance, asset management, tire management, inventory management, LR maintenance, and all costs associated with maintaining your motor vehicle and other mechanical assets can be easily managed with the system.

Trip Management

ERP logistics software can be used to plan your trip. To convert indirect costs into direct costs, you can make payments to drivers and/or provide fuel for the trip. You can also keep track of all of your trucks when they’re on the move, idling, or in maintenance. Allows you to check the actual utilization of each truck.